Dansette Conquest Auto 1963

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A superb example of a Dansette Conquest Auto from about 1963. Thoroughly cleaned inside and out. All original covering in Green and Cream.



A superb example of a Dansette Conquest Auto from about 1963. Cleaned inside and out with a new mains cable and fitted with a 3 amp fuse. The internal electrics have been checked and replaced where necessary. The brass hinges and catches are all original but the handle clasps have been replaced with exact reproductions. The front knobs are all original and have new reproduction labels. The BSR UA15 turntable has been cleaned and re-greased and works at all 4 speeds with the auto-changer. It’s fitted with a new high output turnover Ronette ST105 cartridge which gives very good sound and volume and is wired for stereo to mono, so it’s safe to play stereo records as well as 78s without any damage. The original speaker grill material was in poor condition, so it’s been replaced with a covering that perfectly compliments the brass elements of the front and really sparkles. There are two 7″ x 4″ speakers which gives a much better tonal response that other Dansettes which usually only have one speaker. This would have cost 26gns (£27 6s) in its day, which was a lot of money, and was in the higher range of Dansette players.

The green and off white rexine covering is all original. It has a few marks, but nothing serious. The old stereo output at the back has been disconnected (as it’s wired for mono) but the connector remains for historical purposes. The front brass strip and Dansette badge are all original.

This is suitable for legs if required, but was not fitted with leg plates originally.

Collection only please.