Dansette RG31 radiogram

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Newly refurbished and in excellent condition with BSR UA14 turntable.



This is a Dansette RG31 radiogram from around 1961 with the original BSR UA14 turntable. This has been completely cleaned inside and out and retains the original rexine in red and cream. The turntable has been cleaned and re-greased and is working perfectly at all speeds (16,33,45,78) with the classic autochanger. This has been wired to be Stereo compatible with a new Ronette 105 stereo cartridge, so your stereo LPs will be safe to play. The amplifier has had all the old capacitors replaced and the unit has been wired with a new 3 amp plug. New black and brass legs are included with the original legs plates. All the brassware is original except for the handle clasps.
As this is a vintage unit, the radio only receives Medium wave and Long wave programs, but there are still quite a few broadcasting, depending on where you are.