Dansette HiFi Mk2 with Garrard 50 turntable

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This is a Dansette HiFi in black and white with a Garrard 50 turntable. Date stamped November 1964.



This is a Dansette HiFi in black and white with a date stamp of November 1964. With a Garrard 50 turntable and stereo safe BSR SC5H cartridge which has been wired stereo to mono so you won’t lose any of the music. This has been thoroughly cleaned and regreased and plays at all 4 speeds. The turntable has a removeable centre spindle and a small spindle can be used if you just want to play LPs (not included) or the autochange will support about six 45s. All the rexine covering is original and has been cleaned and refreshed. The brassware has all been replaced apart from the side latches. The perspex controls plate has the original graphics and an illuminated Dansette logo from behind.
The amplifier has two ECL86 valves and the capacitors and resistors have all been checked and many have been replaced.
This was the top of the range in 1964 and has an 8″ round speaker and separate bass and treble controls, so it sounds really good and packs a punch compared to a lot of the cheaper Dansettes. Complete with new 18″ black/brass legs and original leg plates.